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 ThermalCUBE™ Energy, an employee owned and managed co-operative, owns all of its unique Intellectual Property. Our focus is on Time-Shifting electrical power production-use relationships, thermal storage, and recycling of Energy for maximum benefits. 

What they Do


Our different technologies do many complementary things. Our first two products are:

ThermalCUBEs™  store converted under-utilized electrical energy from ANY source for  later use as air-conditioning and/or additional electrical production.  

ThermalWATTs™  TEGs use heat energy from renewable or waste energy sources and RECYCLE  it into emission-free site distributed power generation when and where  it's needed. 

The GREAT News


ThermalCUBE™ Energy's products give you Excellent Reasons to be an Environmental Steward:

• lowering your Carbon Footprint 

• Recycle your waste-stream for personal benefit.

• experience solid reliability.  

• Most power companies / ISO's underwrite or reimburse purchases of our equipment up to 100% (including install).  

• In many cases, cost of power is reduced as well.  

•LEED points elegibility

CUBE - Summary of Whys


¿Why CUBEs? you might ask. . . .


CUBEs are small footprint linkable modules that store THERMAL ENERGY. They are classified as a distributed demand energy storage battery.  They use buildings’ existing equipment to harvest & store  underutilized or less desirable energies for use at a more desirable  (profitable) time.  Use is primarily for air-conditioning (40-65% of a  building’s energy menu). There are no moving parts other than the water  transfer mediums, relying on advanced physics to obtain 22 Tons of AC  from 1 Ton of water. They are LEEDs point eligible.



• Saves money

• Better Reliability-not subject to Extreme weather events

• Better efficiency

• Better comfort

•Lower carbon footprint-contributing to the planet’s health

• No blackouts

• Net-zero equipment cost (may vary by geographic location)

• Significantly lower operating & maintenance costs

Utility companies

• Saves LOTs of money

• Stronger grid-removes 40%(aver)-65% peak daytime demand 

• Integrates renewables into grid w/o congestion-removing 'duck curve'

• Huge reduction in Peak Daytime Power costs 

• Better Reliability-not as subject to Extreme weather events

• Lower maintenance costs

• Higher use of existing resources

Renewable energy producers

• Integrates transport of Energy into Grid System w/o congestion-removes 'Duck Curve'

• Facilitates Direct PPA with end users resulting in higher net income 

• Instantly ramps up OR down to integrate renewables into use/storage as they’re dynamically produced 

• Stores energy on the site of use in the form it will be needed

• Ability to maximize short cycle of Energy production/use on-site, minimizing costs.

ThermalWATTs™ TEGs


Our patented ThemalWATTs™ TEGs


Our  patented technology utilizes temperature differences in fluids to  create usable electrical current for commercial and residential uses. 

ThermalWATTs™  are small solid state linkable modules that connect together to achieve  any desired electrical outputs with NO moving parts other than the  transfer fluids.

ThermalWATTs™ Thermal Electric Generator Units contains 16 linked Modules in a case  approximately the size of a small residential refrigerator.  These  powerful TEGs output clean pollution-free power in a variety of voltages  (24, 48,130, or 208 volts), depending on the model configuration. All  fluid transfers are done with small diameter pipings that are both  compatible & economic for integration with most renewable or waste  energy resources. ThermalWATTs™ TEGs can be linked in series to create  full scale clean power facilities to replace outdated or environmentally  corrupt high-output generation plants that service a large population . . . the possibilities are endless!

ThermalWatts™  TEGs work exceptionally well with our ThermalCUBEs™ coupled with active  Solar Thermal panels to produce on-site power generation WHENEVER its  required 24/7.

Additive Manufacturing

 After  much refinement of our initial TEG modules, we have begun manufacture  of the Modules with no-wasteful Additive manufacturing processes.  Solid  state 3-D printing  coupled with advanced filaments result in closer  tolerances and better energy productions at lower costs with  configurations not previously feasible. 


After a decade of extensive R&D, refinements, and updated material processes, our recently patented ThermalWATTs™ TEGs are about to launch for the retail energy markets. 

This highly disruptive device and its technology places YOU in control of your Power!

Available Fall 2018.



ThermalWATTs™  TEGs are unique small footprint modules that recycle low temp  waste  and/or harvested energies to create BIG results for your environmental  footprint AND bottom line.

ThermalWATTs™. . .

• are linkable Modules and Units to achieve higher capacities if required.

• Require a minimum of 8°F Delta to generate power.

• Work sweetly at 60+°F Delta

• Voltage produced can be 24, 48,130, or 208 volts.

• Current can be formatted as DC or AC.

• Standard Units produce in excess of 45 Amps of power w adequate psi and Delta.

• Weigh approximately 100# EMPTY w/o cabinet/300# loaded w cabinet.

• Fluid and Electrical Connections and monitors are on/at the cabinet exterior.

• Cabinets are 2-door wheel mounted stainless steel.

ThermalWATTs™ Desktop Demonstrator

This video shows electrical power being created from ice-water and coffee using gravity flows.  This demonstrator model has only four production chips.  We have achieved as much as 7.02 volts from 62°F Delta in later tests.

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